Dedicated to scrutinizing the governance of our Credit Union, and protecting our

collective wealth from uncooperative self-interest.

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About Me:

I became a credit union member a few decades ago when my parents opened my first account at one of Coast Capital's predecessors. Like most members, I never paid much attention to how the organization was run. Then Coast Capital mailed me the information package for the 2014 annual general meeting. The Board of Directors' overbearing tactics woke me up to the degree of control that they had seized from the members.

Having been a keen observer of the worldwide economic calamity that started in 2008, I am familiar with the bad smell that emanates from the U.S. financial system. I was dismayed to discover something similar in my own community—and from a credit union, no less.

A standard way to contribute to a co-operative is to serve (volunteer, in some cases) on the Board of Directors. At Coast Capital Savings they’ve designed the role to accommodate only management professionals. If you don’t win their favour, they won’t recommend you, and if they don’t recommend you, history shows that you won’t be elected. Most people give up at this point, because there’s no other practical way to contribute. I never participated in their election charade; I just decided to create this website.

I have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

When I started publishing information on this website in 2014, I did so under the pseudonym Liz Warren to maintain privacy. This is no longer necessary.