Dedicated to scrutinizing the governance of our Credit Union, and protecting our

collective wealth from uncooperative self-interest.

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Democracy Checklist

Topics for Discussion:

The Problems at Coast Capital

About Co-operatives

How are co-operatives different than regular companies?

What’s the point of being a co-operative?

Does it make sense to have a co-operative financial institution?

Why is democracy important to co-operatives?

About Banking and Credit Unions


About Coast Capital

The 2013-2014 Board declared war on active members

The 2013-2014 Board precluded a democratic election

The 2013-2014 Board prevented democratic outcomes

Threats to Coast Capital’s Members

Supersized executive compensation

Poorly motivated growth

Geographic expansion

National expansion

A comparison with political governance

Conversion to a bank

Regulatory capture

Coast Capital Savings Democracy Checklist

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Blogs and Opinion Articles

Press Coverage

Coast Capital Savings Corporate Documents

Provincial Government Documents

Federal Government Documents

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