Eastward bound!

The Board is putting it to a vote: should to credit union expand nationally? Voting by the members will begin next Monday (Oct. 17, 2016), until November 28. Results on Dec. 14.

Coast Capital is closing its branches early today for an employee meeting about this. Members will be informed by mail and on the website in the near future.

Here is a worksheet (see below) that employees have been given in order to prepare them to answer questions from members about the national expansion.

It’s troubling that the Board is using the the Coast Capital employees as a propaganda machine to further their objectives. I would be worried for my job prospects if I were an employee who wanted to speak out against this move. Employees might or might not be members of the credit union, but regardless, they should not be put in a position where their bosses can observe their behavior as it pertains to this political matter.

Notice that in their list of “benefits,” the members are treated as customers, not as owners. National expansion will only erode the ability of members to govern the co-operative.

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